Why I love coming home:

1. Being spoiled! My birthday is near, and my lovely family bought me a new dresser! Yay! Now my room at my parents actually feels like mine!

2. My computer! Oh how I miss typing on a full keyboard, opening tabs, the ‘right click’ and more blogging options! (The ironic part is that I am typing this on my iPhone)

3. Music! I am reunited with my full music library and can now spend countless hours listening to it without my headphones!

4. Christmas time–in my closet!? No, none of it is new, but after three months that’s exactly what it feels like! That old sweater I wore all the time? My new fav item! Woo hoo!

5. Girly things: make-up, hair brushes, lotion, hair straighteners and perfume! (Yes, sometimes I can be high-maintenance)

6. Food! Hello peanut butter, avocado, salsa, quinoa, daiya and hummus! Oh, and a new panini maker!!!

7. My family! Ok, now I should make note that this is not in any specific order. My family is loud and awesome! And, they always make me feel so welcome when I come home!

8. Friends! My lovely BFF of 16 years, Leah, surprised me at home my first full-day back! Love you!!

9. My own room! Hello four-walls, closet, dresser and the a ability to sleep in only my knickers! It’s a beautiful thing!

10. The challenge of deciding on the topic of my next blog. Any ideas!?


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