Graffiti Love

A few posts ago I shared Benches of the World – Via Instagram.

Now I want to share my other obsession: Graffiti!


2 thoughts on “Graffiti Love

  1. I like the pieces from Portugal, these are made by true artists. But.. they’re painted on public structures and I assume these buildings are historical.(as we can see from the pictures). I think that graffiti artists should realize themselves at places assigned to them. The money used for removing graffities could’ve been used for school supplies etc. In , Toronto, we found a solution to deal with graffities. Making them legal at certain places is a great way to support real artists!

    • Hi Heather,
      I agree with you, and in-fact the majority of pieces from Lisbon are done on designated “boards” on Calçada da Glória ( The only piece of art that was done on a building is the one by the blue-door, which happens to be my favourite. It was done on an abandoned building in an area which is riddled with a lot of graffiti and street-art. Lisbon is doing its best to give these artists designated areas to display their artwork, but I cannot help but love the beautiful pieces hidden on buildings down small alleyways. I love what Toronto has done, and I live in London, so I’ll definitely make an effort to drive and see these designated areas.
      Thanks for the reply!

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