The TTC – Toronto, ON

Hi all!!

I have been suffering from some serious writer’s block as of late. Actually, I’ve been suffering since I left Europe.

While in Europe, a typical day involved discovering a new food, a new restaurant, a new street, and if I was lucky, another bench to take a picture of. Needless to say, the “boring” days of traveling were still exciting to share with the world.

So what do I write about now? My days all seem to melt into one: wake-up, go to my internship, go to work, come home and do it all-over-again.

Well, I finally have something to share.

Since arriving in Toronto, I have been using the TTC (transit) system. At first, I was in awe of the 24 hour trams (they call them street cars here — weird), I enjoyed people watching while waiting for the subway, and at first I didn’t miss having a car.

Well, I’ve been in Toronto for just over 2 months now, and I have had my fair share of experiences with Toronto transit. So I thought I would share some of these (sometimes hilarious) moments with you.

  1. Personal space is something only referred to in Fiction-novels. I once had to squish up so close to a gentleman who was taller than me, that my face was in his armpit. True story.
  2. People fart. Sometimes it’s one of those “who dun’ it?” type of situations, when all of you standing together smell it, and actively avoid eye-contact because if you were to look someone in the eye, you may start laughing. But the most awkward moment was when I saw a well-dressed older man walking, lift his leg, let one rip, and continue to walk as if nothing happened. Yeah, I saw it happen! It was one of those “am I on a hidden-camera show?” type of moments as my eyes widened and I looked around to see if anyone witnessed what I had.
  3. I’ve watched people run towards the subway door only to have it close in their face; and I laughed (yeah, I’m a jerk).
  4. I’ve ran towards the subway door only to have it close in my face; and yes, I’ve seen someone laugh at me.
  5. The tram (streetcar, whatever) does what is called a “short-turn” and it drops you off in negative 15 weather at a random stop in sketch-ville. Yes, this has happened to me on numerous occasions. My favourite time was when it was 2am, I got off, and there was another tram right beside us, but instead of waiting for us, the other tram drove off. We waited 15 minutes for the next one. Awesome
  6. I’m no longer a courteous person, waiting in line for my turn to get onto the subway/tram/bus. It’s every man/woman for themselves. Seriously, I am not above “throwing elbows” to get a space on the bus.
  7. I’ve fallen into someone. Sometimes the subway stops suddenly, and this particular time I wasn’t hanging onto anything and I launched myself into the arms of a senior gentleman. Oops 🙂

Anyone have any stories to share from their time on the TTC? How about the transit system in your city? Do share!


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