Who is Tay?

Oh, hey there!

  1. My favourite movie is Jurassic Park (the first one).
  2. But I still enjoy watching the other two.
  3. And yes, I really love dinosaurs as much as a 12-year-old boy;
  4. And dragons, and wizards and hobbits.
  5. I learned how to play the violin in elementary school…
  6. …and am determined to play as well as I used to.
  7. My favourite novel is Summer Sisters by Judy Blume.
  8. But I also love the Harry Potter series.
  9. Who am I kidding, I love all books!
  10. I am a nerd. A dork. A wimp. A loser. Take your pick.
  11. I have more embarrassing stories than anyone I know.
  12. My personal favourite is the Sunglasses Story.
  13. I am a pescetarian.
  14. I hope to one day be vegan.
  15. I really like tofu.
  16. Seriously, it’s delicious!
  17. I also really, really like dill pickles.
  18. I prefer whole wheat over white.
  19. I will never jump out of an airplane.
  20. Seriously, I will never do it!
  21. I listen to all types of music.
  22. Yes, I like country, rap, hip-hop, electronic and instrumental.
  23. I don’t have a favourite song or band: I think it all sounds beautiful.
  24. I am not religious, but sometimes wish I was.
  25. I am extremely loyal to all my friends.
  26. I am embarrassed to tell people that I write this blog.
  27. I had always wanted to write as a career, but now prefer it as a hobby.
  28. Writing is a lonely activity.
  29. I hate being alone.
  30. But I love being single.
  31. What an oxymoron.
  32. My hair is naturally curly — but was straight when I was younger. It is the perm that never went away (truth).
  33. I am not very witty.
  34. If I don’t hear what you’ve said I sometimes just nod in agreement (that can get really awkward).
  35. The longest “relationship” I’ve ever been in is 6 months.
  36. But my closest friends are still those girls I went to high-school with.
  37. I really do enjoy long walks on the beach.
  38. Or long walks anywhere.
  39. People tell me that I’m outgoing.
  40. I’m actually extremely shy: my outgoing nature is a defense mechanism.
  41. Orange is my favourite colour.
  42. I recently learned that I enjoy gardening.
  43. I have a fear of flying.
  44. I have a fear of heights.
  45. I have a fear of confined spaces.
  46. I am afraid of spiders – I don’t believe that they are more afraid of me than I am of them.
  47. I have smoked marijuana.
  48. I don’t like it.
  49. I used to hate wine and now I consume more than is recommended.
  50. My family also loves wine.
  51. Mainly the women in the family: you can get all 3 generations drinking together sometimes!
  52. Last time I drank with my Mom and Paul I woke up vomiting.
  53. I think that having elf ears would be awesome.
  54. I really enjoy the movie Elf.
  55. You should also watch Ghost Town; it’s hilarious.
  56. I am terrible at team sports.
  57. I love to swim, but I am out of breath after 2 lengths.
  58. I have a sweet tooth.
  59. I love dark chocolate over milk chocolate.
  60. White chocolate is NOT chocolate.
  61. I don’t miss eating meat.
  62. I like looking at my reflection.
  63. Seriously, it’s a problem. I will look at my reflection in a picture frame.
  64. I enjoy having a good poop.
  65. Yep, I poop.
  66. I enjoy fringe festivals. I don’t know if I necessarily enjoy theatre?
  67. I like reading quotes.
  68. I hope that one day I say something so inspiring it will end up on Pinterest.
  69. I want a tattoo. I have a tattoo; I got it while I was in Lisbon, Portugal.
  70. I just don’t know where I should get it. I got it on my right-side, rib height.
  71. Or what it should be. It’s of a music staff, complete with a treble clef and then 4 sparrows flying. I love it.
  72. I am the middle child.
  73. I love my family very much.
  74. My favourite smell is Vanilla.
  75. My signature scent is L’Aromarine Vanille Eau de Toilette.
  76. I enjoy the smell of Downy.
  77. I hate doing laundry.
  78. I love to cook delicious meals for people, but get really frustrated when I “fail”.
  79. My ideal morning is coffee, blogging and music.
  80. I love a Grande Soy Chai Latte with 2 pumps peppermint.
  81. My favourite cereal is Shredded Wheat.
  82. If I go out for brunch I order Eggs Benedict.
  83. My grandma makes the best French Toast.
  84. My mom makes the best cheesecake.
  85. I make a mean Tofu Sandwich.
  86. My favourite recipe blog is Oh She Glows.
  87. I love to knit.
  88. But I still don’t know how to make anything beyond a scarf.
  89. Scarf…it doesn’t look right, does it?
  90. Skarf?
  91. No, it’s definitely scarf.
  92. I wish the world was smaller so that I could be closer to those I love.
  93. I love to sing (in my car, alone).
  94. I prefer cats over dogs (gasp!)
  95. I hope to have a pet when I live in Toronto.
  96. I am scared to travel alone.
  97. I hope I can write a book about my travels.
  98. Would you read my book?
  99. I like to dance. I like to incorporate high-kicks and punches into my dances.
  100. I consider myself a fairly happy individual with extreme anxiety issues. Seriously though, I’m happy.

I’m Tay!


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