365 Embarrassing Moments – #40

Two things:
1) You may not know this, but I initially started blogging a few years ago and one blog which I stuck with for just about 6 months was 365 Embarrassing Moments.
2) I am awkward, clumsy and sometimes too ‘gorgeous’ for my own good (gorgeous being the term my mother uses in sarcasm when she hears one of my ridiculous stories).

So now that I’ve revealed this ‘secret’ of mine, I have another embarrassing moment to share. For other moments check out the link above; my favourite is the sunglasses story.

Embarrassing Moment #40 – How do I get in?
It was another Kool-aide induced evening, but this time I was in Lisbon. Yes, it seems as though despite changing countries — continents even — I still manage to get myself into awkward situations.
Side-note: I only had a few drinks this particular night. Honestly, this moment was due to pure un-observation on my part.
We arrived as a group to the night club Bali in Barrio Alto. It wasn’t very busy, but our pub crawl had an obligation to make an appearance. We all stood outside until I decided to take initiative and walk in.
Up the steps I walked and…
Yepp, that’s a glass window. I walked, forehead first, into a glass window. What’s on the other side of this window? Oh, just ALL of the people in the club. I’m sure I’m not the only person to do this, but oh wow was I embarrassed. Even more embarrassing was the eruption of laughter and tears that followed and only then did I realize that none of my companions saw it happen! And yes, that’s worse. It was a ‘trip over your own feet in the street’ moment, and it would have been less traumatizing if someone would have been laughing with me instead of at me.
Go ahead, laugh at my expense.