Sherrydayne Abroad: The unbelievable kindness of strangers

Hello fellow travelers! I’m not traveling myself, but my good friend Sherry (who I have mentioned a million times), was just on a short 3 week trip to Europe. She wrote this beautiful post about the kindness of strangers that … Continue reading

Post-travel Blues

If you’ve been reading my other blog, Tay at Home you would know that I have been suffering from the post-travel blues.

While training from Ottawa to Toronto this afternoon, I decided to spend my time reading some of my favourite travel blogs. I just happened to stumble upon a few good stories/articles about my little predicament.

So, in case you are also suffering from the same feeling, take a read!

This Lonely Planet article was especially awesome.

Also, this post had me nodding in agreement.

For all the non-travelers out there: Yes, we know our life is awesome. Yes, we know that we’re lucky. But, for those of us who come home after an extended trip, we know the difficulties associated with that. It’s all the same…but different.

Reminiscing Europe Day One

Hey everyone! So, I have been SLACKING hardcore with my other blog, Tay at Home.

I don’t really have a reason except for that I’ve been suffering from some serious post-travel blues and I am faced with “life” decisions: what next?

Don’t worry, after many mental breakdowns I am breathing again (remember, just breathe).

Anyways, I just wanted to say hello to everyone, especially to all the individuals who have stumbled upon my blog after my travels! Unfortunately I don’t have any awesome photos or new travel stories to share, but I stumbled upon my very first message I sent to my friends/family back home during my first day in Europe.

My brother saying goodbye before I got on my flight to Dublin, Ireland

My brother saying goodbye before I got on my flight to Dublin, Ireland

Here it is:

“So I took a bus from the airport to the city centre. The man driving the bus had such a strong accent that when I got off I wasn’t entirely sure if it was the right place. And, in true Taylor fashion I tripped getting off the bus (but seriously why would there by a step from the seats to the walkway!?) anywho there was free wifi on the bus so luckily I looked on the map before getting off to get a general sense of where I was. The city is old–very old, like started being built in 898 old! But, because of war a lot of the buildings aren’t original and not ‘old Europe’ looking like you would expect. People evetwhere! I’m staying in the temple bar area–the cultural centre of Ireland, and it’s a block away from trinity college university (beautiful btw, I’ll load pics when I can). Anyways, I wandered into. The templeBar area and got lost — but then wandered into a pub and asked and I was actually only 2 blocks away! By this point I was exhausted and wanted to sleep but my room wasn’t ready until 230 — it was 10:20…shit! So, the guy pointed me to a cafe where I went to buy coffee–then to a ‘free’ walking tour (still expected to tip). Glad I went–10 or so people, 2 friends Chris and Cree from Colorado –the tour was awesome, but more on that later bc my finger is getting tired from typing! Had my first guiness, which tastes 100% better here than at home. I would load pics but for some reason it won’t work. After the tour the guys and I made plans to meet for dinner then go on a pub crawl. No worries tho, Cree doesn’t drink! Never has! We’re going to see the pub/meet ppl/ listen to music–none of us want to feel hungover so yay no need to worry! tomorrow I’m going to wander–and research where my next stop might be!
Anyways, that’s all for now! I’m alive and well! Having fun these first 24 hours!”

It’s really interesting to read that now after now being home for over a month.


Mrs. Sparkly — Thanks Jo!


First, thank-you SO MUCH Jo of “restlessjo” for nominating me!! I have never been nominated for a blog award and I was SO EXCITED when I saw that you had nominated ME! I am beaming!! Thank-you!

What do I have to do? It’s simple: answer 10 questions, honestly, and then nominate other fellow bloggers!


1. Describe yourself in seven words:

Quirky, loud & quiet, hungry, thoughtful, traveler & homebody

2. What keeps you up at night?

Too much thinking…

3. Whom do you aspire to be like?

The best version of myself

4. What scares you?

That I may never feel content.

5. What are the best and worst things about blogging?

Worst: having to muster the courage to share my blog with people I meet in the “real” world

Best: The blogging community!

6. What was the last website you looked at? – My family and I spent an hour or so making videos of ourselves…


7. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

The amount in my bank account — I would like a few more zero’s added to the end…so I could continue to travel and perhaps bring my loved ones along for the ride as well.

8. Slankets, yes or no?


9. What are you wearing now?

Lululemon pants (my favourites) and a guy’s h&m hoodie!

10. Tell us something about the person who nominated you :

Jo has been following my blog during my entire Europe Trip. I enjoy reading her blog and all the amazing comments she leaves me on a regular basis 🙂 She is a restless soul, and I can definitely relate with her in this regard. What I love the most is that she is a fellow traveler…

And there you have it!

I’m asking the following bloggers to share their 10 commandments:

Lesley Carter of Bucket List Publications

Brittany of 23 and Unfunny

Ryan and Carrie of Each Week Unique

Go check-out these awesome blogs! Like Jo and I, they are restless souls, wandering the earth and sharing their discoveries with us in this amazing space we call the Blogosphere!

Favourite Blogs that You Should Read

Tomorrow I finally post the link to my new blog.

Thursday, the 13th, is the last post (Inspiration Thursday) that I will write for Tay in Europe until I finally have the money to plan my next adventure.

When I started my travel blog it was to share my experiences with my friends and family. Now, it is a place where I can also organize my thoughts, reminisce about the small moments spent with people I may never see again, and a place that shows my growth. I read my first post, I booked my flight!, and then I think about all I have experienced since then, and I get a huge sense of satisfaction.

Who booked a flight to Dublin on a whim? I did.

Who skinny-dipped in the Irish Sea? I did.

Who learned how to make friends, using her awkward charm? I did.

Who got lost in Paris, racked up a massive phone-bill, and still managed to get drunk in front of the Eiffel tower the next night? I did.

Who fell madly, and deeply, in-love with Portugal? I did.

Who made many friends she hopes to keep for a life-time? I did.

Yes, I am very proud of how far I have come. And, I was able to share my adventures with you!

But you know what else I love about blogging? Reading your blogs!

So, for those of you who were reading along solely for the purpose of travel, here are links to a few of my favourite travel bloggers:

  • Finding Gravity – I love Carley’s writing! No, it’s not solely about travel, but she has great insight into life, and staying grounded.
  • Jesssrich – A fellow twenty-something travel blogger! I stumbled on her wordpress site before I left, and have been following along every since. Also, she and I have even exchanged a few e-mails these past few months: another reason why I love the blogging community!
  • 104 Days Late – This is my travel-BFF’s blog! Sherry is wonderful, and her documented travels are far from over! Like me, she is trying to integrate back into society, and she writes her thoughts so eloquently that I find myself yelling at my computer: “Yes, that is exactly how I feel too!”
  • Christine in Spain – Interested in Spain? Christine is the reason I went to Spain during my trip to Europe!
  • Blonde Gypsy – Someone who loves Portugal almost as much as I do!
  • The Polar Route – For awesome photos!
  • Anywhere But Home – Twenty-something nomad!

365 Embarrassing Moments – #40

Two things:
1) You may not know this, but I initially started blogging a few years ago and one blog which I stuck with for just about 6 months was 365 Embarrassing Moments.
2) I am awkward, clumsy and sometimes too ‘gorgeous’ for my own good (gorgeous being the term my mother uses in sarcasm when she hears one of my ridiculous stories).

So now that I’ve revealed this ‘secret’ of mine, I have another embarrassing moment to share. For other moments check out the link above; my favourite is the sunglasses story.

Embarrassing Moment #40 – How do I get in?
It was another Kool-aide induced evening, but this time I was in Lisbon. Yes, it seems as though despite changing countries — continents even — I still manage to get myself into awkward situations.
Side-note: I only had a few drinks this particular night. Honestly, this moment was due to pure un-observation on my part.
We arrived as a group to the night club Bali in Barrio Alto. It wasn’t very busy, but our pub crawl had an obligation to make an appearance. We all stood outside until I decided to take initiative and walk in.
Up the steps I walked and…
Yepp, that’s a glass window. I walked, forehead first, into a glass window. What’s on the other side of this window? Oh, just ALL of the people in the club. I’m sure I’m not the only person to do this, but oh wow was I embarrassed. Even more embarrassing was the eruption of laughter and tears that followed and only then did I realize that none of my companions saw it happen! And yes, that’s worse. It was a ‘trip over your own feet in the street’ moment, and it would have been less traumatizing if someone would have been laughing with me instead of at me.
Go ahead, laugh at my expense.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge, Wrong & Purple

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Eek! I have been slacking HARDCORE on the weekly photo challenges. I have now missed THREE weeks! My badness! So, check out my entries for all four weeks! I apologize, some of them will be horrible interpretations of the challenge…yeah, … Continue reading

Being Alone and Instagram Moments

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I leave for my trip in exactly a month. Nervous? Honestly, not overly. There are moments when I get a rush of anxiety at the thought of being on a plane for 8.5 hours (GASP), but it quickly passes when … Continue reading