Day Zero Project

My 101 Things in 1001 Days

End date: February 25, 2015

You can access this list at my other blog: Tay at Home



11 thoughts on “Day Zero Project

    • That would help me knock off #86 (Inspire 5 other people to do this challenge). Honestly, it’s only day #2 for me, but I am constantly thinking about what item I can do next. Perfect way to stay motivated.

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  3. I have a 25 before 25 list, which is similar, but not the same. Maybe I’ll have to do this instead of a 30 before 30 😉 or both?!

    I’ll help with #11 by following, and #12 if you follow me!! (shameless plug)

    I can also help you with # 29 if you come to Sweden on your trip!! (worth it, it’s beautiful here.)

    • Hey Meredith! Thanks for reading and responding to my post! I am pretty excited about the Day Zero Project–and the official website makes it a lot of fun. Thanks for helping out with #11 and #12, and as for #29–I’ll get back to you on that one! 🙂 Thanks! (PS how awesome is the blogging community!?)

  4. Hmm I just tried to comment, so if this is the second, please never mind it…

    I have a 25 before 25 list, which is like this but different. Maybe I should help you with 86 and do this next, instead of a 30 before 30…or both?!?

    I can also help with 11 by following, and 12 if you follow me (shameless plug).

    I’m also game for 29 if you come to Sweden while in Europe! (worth it, it’s beautiful here)

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    • Thanks 🙂 lot’s to accomplish–but there’s something about the blogging community that keeps a girl honest! And of course I started at a coffee shop–it’s where I do my best brain-storming 🙂

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