Favourite Blogs that You Should Read

Tomorrow I finally post the link to my new blog.

Thursday, the 13th, is the last post (Inspiration Thursday) that I will write for Tay in Europe until I finally have the money to plan my next adventure.

When I started my travel blog it was to share my experiences with my friends and family. Now, it is a place where I can also organize my thoughts, reminisce about the small moments spent with people I may never see again, and a place that shows my growth. I read my first post, I booked my flight!, and then I think about all I have experienced since then, and I get a huge sense of satisfaction.

Who booked a flight to Dublin on a whim? I did.

Who skinny-dipped in the Irish Sea? I did.

Who learned how to make friends, using her awkward charm? I did.

Who got lost in Paris, racked up a massive phone-bill, and still managed to get drunk in front of the Eiffel tower the next night? I did.

Who fell madly, and deeply, in-love with Portugal? I did.

Who made many friends she hopes to keep for a life-time? I did.

Yes, I am very proud of how far I have come. And, I was able to share my adventures with you!

But you know what else I love about blogging? Reading your blogs!

So, for those of you who were reading along solely for the purpose of travel, here are links to a few of my favourite travel bloggers:

  • Finding Gravity – I love Carley’s writing! No, it’s not solely about travel, but she has great insight into life, and staying grounded.
  • Jesssrich – A fellow twenty-something travel blogger! I stumbled on her wordpress site before I left, and have been following along every since. Also, she and I have even exchanged a few e-mails these past few months: another reason why I love the blogging community!
  • 104 Days Late – This is my travel-BFF’s blog! Sherry is wonderful, and her documented travels are far from over! Like me, she is trying to integrate back into society, and she writes her thoughts so eloquently that I find myself yelling at my computer: “Yes, that is exactly how I feel too!”
  • Christine in Spain – Interested in Spain? Christine is the reason I went to Spain during my trip to Europe!
  • Blonde Gypsy – Someone who loves Portugal almost as much as I do!
  • The Polar Route – For awesome photos!
  • Anywhere But Home – Twenty-something nomad!


So, I realized that a lot of the people who read my blog are family/friends that do not necessarily know how to navigate a blog.

I publish a new post, they get the e-mail and they read it. Done!


Okay, sure, you can just read my daily posts and be done, but there is so much more for you to do!

So, here is a little tutorial of sorts to help you out!

  1. Have you noticed that I added a “Who is Tay?” page?

You probably didn’t notice, eh?

Click on it! Or, just click here.

2. The “Travel Itinerary” Tab!

This is what you will see if you click on it and you have the password. Yes, I have password protected this page! Why?

I want to be safe! When I post pictures/stories on my blog, it will probably be delayed by a few days. I don’t want Joe Schmoe knowing my every move, but my friends/family will want to know. Sometimes I may find a WIFI hotspot (for those who aren’t very tech savy, that basically means that when I find a spot I can access internet), and I won’t have time to shoot off an e-mail to everyone with my whereabouts. BUT, I will do my best to always have this page up-to-date!

Want the password? Text or call me to let me know! (This is also a test to see who has been reading, muahahaha).

3. The Guestbook

I realize that some of you aren’t aware that you can actually “reply” to my blog posts. So, this is an area where you can post a quick hello to let me know you’ve stopped by to read my blog!

You know what you should do? Go there, NOW! Write me a little somethin’ somethin’ nice.

Anyways, just wanted to give all of you computer-illiterate friends and family a bit of help.

Love you all!

Tay xo

Instagram weekend via my new iPhone 4S

For those of you that follow me on twitter, or know me personally, you are aware that I finally broke down and purchased a new iPhone 4s.
I struggled with the idea for a while since the entire cell phone infrastructure bothers me: the constantly changing technology, incentives to purchase new phones before they are broken, the lack of proper disposal (e-waste) and because I didn’t really want to spend the money ($200).
But, after doing some research I realized that if I wanted to stay connected while abroad in Europe I was going to need a better phone than my very slow, and outdated, iPhone 3.
The perks?
1. iMessenger is free and unlimited with wifi
2. FaceTime is also free and unlimited with wifi
3. It’s way faster!
4. The apps are updated and more user friendly. I was never able to blog with my 3, but I am currently using my iPhone to blog!
5. Which brings me to my next point: I can instagram, message, and blog from my phone as long as I have wifi!
The perks are endless, but it still frustrates me because I know by Fall 2012 there will be a new, and better, iPhone on the market that will put mine to shame, and our consumer minds will make us want to buy it.
(I will do a post about e-waste soon, just not from my phone, it’s still not as awesome as blogging from my Mac).
Anyways, this is the perfect way to share my instagram weekend with you!

This was taken at the ‘End of Steel’ park in Edmonton, parallel to 104 street and just south of Saskatchewan drive.

This is by far my favourite picture so far with instagram (filtered also with PicFx). It’s a bench at the end of my block, positioned perfectly with a deep-red coloured house in the background. Couldn’t ask for a better shot.