Best Travel Movies according to Anthony

Okay, I admit it. I am getting really nervous about my approaching trip to Europe. I am going alone. I am flying on a plane. I don’t know anyone over seas. O. M. G. I’m freaking out!

So, what does my good friend Anthony say about this? Watch some movies to get yourself pumped-up.

Are you feeling nervous like me? Let’s plan a movie night!

Anthony’s Suggestions


Nothing like a light-movie about psycho murders kidnapping traveling young adults in Amsterdam.

Hostel Part 2

Another round of tourists to torture? Bring it!

Human Centipede

I’ve been told that I’ll meet fellow travelers along the way and make friends. This movie really demonstrates how close one could get.

You provide the popcorn and I’ll rent the flicks! If this doesn’t ease my anxiety I don’t know what will!

Thanks Anthony!


I booked my flight!

I did it! I went online, started looking at flights, and found a one-way ticket to Dublin, Ireland for $575. How could I say no? I pay that much to fly home to Ontario!

I took out my visa, and confirmed my payment information and voila! Twenty minutes later I had a confirmation e-mail!

Flight: Toronto, Canada –> Dublin, Ireland TS 234

Depart: Wednesday September 5 @ 6:55pm

Arrive: Thursday September 6 @ 8:15am

I can barely contain my excitement!

The best part is that I still don’t know what I’m going to do once I get there! Other than my first 3 nights in Dublin (I reserved a room at a hostel), I have no definite plans. So, I have taken out a few travel books on Ireland, Spain and Portugal.

So, I have booked a flight. I have booked 3 nights in this hostel which was recommended to me by my good friend Heather.

Now what? I’m not sure, but I am researching like a mad-woman!

I’m going to Europe! AMAZING!