Cliffs of Moher — best with friends


Oh hey there! I am currently in Spain, but since my last few days here in Madrid have been spent reading in the park there isn’t much to report on. So, I’ll back-track and tell you about the Cliffs of Moher!
I had planned on staying in Ireland for 3 weeks, but after meeting my American companions my plans quickly changed. It’s one of the benefits of not having plans: being able to stay with the people you’ve met for a longer period of time.
By now I’ve realized that the memories I have of each destination are shaped by the people I’m with. For example, Morlaix, France, while stunning, was hard to enjoy because I was alone. With friends taking pictures whilst jumping in the air or doing silly poses is the highlight of each destination for me (I’m not overly interested in history).
So, at the Cliffs, although not necessarily the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen, some of my most favourite memories happened during our trip there.

Above: Morlaix, France
So, let me start by saying that we had the best tour guide ever! His name: Desmond. King Desmond. Before we got to the bus, I said to my friends that I hoped we had an ‘adorable Irish man’ as our tour-guide; King Desmond fit the bill perfectly!

Above: King Desmond and I
The tour was all-day, and included stops at old churches, cemeteries and burial grounds at The Burren called dolmans.
Unfortunately I have no photos of these ancient burial grounds on my phone to share with you…oops!
We were lucky to have a clear, sunny afternoon on the cliffs. Made for great pictures and a better view of the entire area and the islands in the distance.




And no, there are truly no fences/barriers for some of the trails on the cliff. So, watch your step!
So, if you’re ever in Ireland, do the touristy thing and visit the cliffs. It’s worth it!