Fringe and Instamoments

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The International Fringe Festival is in town! I went to a few productions last year, and LOVED it! Unfortunately, not too many of my friends are “fringers”, and Ashley (my fellow fringer) is out of town. So, I haven’t been … Continue reading

“Top Secret Hotels” – Planning Family/Friend days in Toronto

Hey all! I’ve been so stressed out about my impending departure that even the enjoyment of writing in my blog is gone! Sure, I’m excited for my trip. Really excited, actually. But that’s not the part that is stressing me … Continue reading

Day Zero Project: An Update

Wow, it’s been a crazy week.

I’ve had the urge to move back to Ontario for a while (ahem, over a year!), but the ‘right opportunity’ never presented itself.

But, despite having a well-paying job, a hand-full of wonderful friends, and a house I adore, I just couldn’t seem to rid myself of the anxious feeling that I needed to leave.

So, I finally decided to take a leap, and force myself to move back to Ontario (and yes, I do this type of impulse decision making a lot).

So, I am conquering a few things on my Day Zero Project List.

62) Finish reading the Flavia de Luce series

70) Move back to Ontario

72) Write a letter to myself to open when the 1001 days are over

First, I finished reading the second book in the Flavia de Luce Series: The Weed that String’s the Hangman’s Bag.

Verdict: AMAZING! I am now beginning the third book and I can barely contain my excitement! Alan Bradley, you are a genius!

Write a Letter to your Future Self

I decided that it was time to write a letter to myself  to open when the 1001 days were finished; to see a) if I finished the items on my list and b) so that I could look back and realize that everything really does work-out.

But, with all the moving I have to do, and because no matter how hard I try I’m not super organized, I went onto Google to see if anyone had come up with a way to write future e-mails to yourself.

Of course someone has! allows you to write a letter, and have it sent to an e-mail of your choice on a specific date!

So, what are you waiting for? Even if you aren’t partaking in the Day Zero Project it’s still a fun idea to write yourself a letter to open a year, 2 years or even 5 years from now!



Instagram Weekend

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My time in London is over. *Sad face* I have an hour till it’s time to board my plane, so it’s a good time to post the remaining photos from my time at home. There you have it! It was … Continue reading


I know that I need to be saving money, but when I was given the opportunity to take a road-trip to California with Ashley for the Coachella music festival, I couldn’t say no.

I have never been to Coachella, but I did go to Boonstock last summer, which although a lot smaller has given me a taste of what to expect. Crowds, long-line ups, disgusting out-houses and lots of partying will be had!

I can’t wait!

I’ve also realized that I may need to get a second job. For those of you who don’t know my current living situation I am living rent-free in my Uncle’s house. It was a deal too good to be true, as I recently received a text that I had to be out by March 25th. I know, seems impossible…well it is impossible. So now Ashley and I are scrambling to make a decision for this summer.

My dilemma: do I move back into my father’s house or move-out with Ashley for the summer?

Pros of moving into my Dads:

  • No rent
  • still in the same neighborhood
  • close to my work and my gym
  • When I leave for Europe I don’t need to move my stuff

Cons of moving into Dads:

  • I have a room in the basement to myself and nothing else
  • I share the basement common-area with my step-sister
  • I have to share my space with people I don’t know very well
  • I moved out in the first place for a reason, and moving back in I feel like I’ll be taking a step backward

Pros of moving out with Ashley:

  • I already live with her and it’s AWESOME
  • Shared grocery expense
  • Get to live with a friend
  • Live in a “hipper” neighborhood
  • I’ll feel like I have my own place


  • I have to pay rent ($600+/month)
  • When I go to Europe I have to either find someone to take over my lease or pay while I’m away

What is a girl to do?

It’s looking as though I will be getting a second job. Even if I decide to head back to Dad’s, having a second job will not only give me extra income, I will also be out of the house more-often. Perfect!

Damn these life decisions!