Benches of the world – Via Instagram

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I love benches. It’s a place to take a break after a long walk or run. It’s a space where people can sit and admire the scenery. It’s a place where couples sit and hold-hands. It’s a space where I … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

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Weekly photo challenge: Green My photo gallery: Fried-peppers tapa in Madrid, Spain; Friends on the green grass in medieval Toledo, Spain; a pastel green building in Gumairaes, Portugal; Looking-up the well in the caves of Sintra, Portugal; Dark green Christmas … Continue reading

I Found Nessie!

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Hellooooooo!!! Wow, it has been an amazing couple of days in Scotland. Above is a picture of Duncan, our lovely tour guide, and I at Loch Lubneig. I booked a tour through MacBackpackers tour group a few weeks back because … Continue reading

Haggis in Edinburgh, Scotland

Above: Scott Monument for Sir Walter Scott, a Scottish poet.
This was my first view of Edinburgh as I walked early in the morning from the bu station, through the new town, and into the old town of Edinburgh.

Above: This was my second view. Breathtaking, right?! And lucky for me, it was a very clear day in Edinburgh, so no clouds or fog obstructed my view of the looming (extinct volcano) Castle Rock.

Above: Edinburgh Castle as seen from Princes Street Garden.

Unfortunately I only have one full-day in Edinburgh, and although I got here early, I didn’t sleep very well on the overnight bus from London so as much as I wanted to see all of Edinburgh, my sightseeing didn’t extend further than the Free Sandeman Walking Tour. So, check out a few of my pictures (not many, as my poor fingers were frozen after 3+ hours of walking) and then at the end of this post I’ll tell you about Haggis!

Above: St. Giles Cathedral as taken with my iPhone 4S. And believe it or not this is the original photo, no alterations! I love the bright blue sky contrasting with the stone building.

How about a creepy graveyard? This is Greyfriars Kirkyard and There are a ton of Ghost Tours offered here in Edinburgh, and after hearing about the very dark past of this city, I understand why. Also, this Graveyard served as inspiration for J.K. Rowling as she wrote the Harry Potter series! I don’t have photographic proof but our tour guide told us that graves for many Potter’s exist, as well as a McGonagall (William) and a Tom Riddle grave!
Anyways, I learned a lot of historical facts about Scotland and Edinburgh: hangings, torture, wars and dogs.
I’ve found some other online sources to share some of these stories with you (because I’m lazy and I would probably get the facts wrong if I tried to write it on my own):
Greyfriar Bobby: the story of the loyal dog and his master (ever seen the movie Hitachi?!)

The dark and disturbing history of Edinburgh: the Covenanter’s Prison.
Seriously, take a read, it’s really interesting (albeit disturbing).

Head into the Grassmarket and you can see where the gallows used to be, as well as the ‘Last Drop’ pub which got its name as it was where individuals sentenced to death went to get their last taste of Scotch Whiskey.

My favourite story was of Maggie Dickson. She was sentenced to death for concealing her pregnancy, which was illegal back in 1724. Oh, she also got knocked up illegitimately by another man after her husband left her, hid her pregnancy (the real crime), had a still-born and attempted to discard of the corpse in the river.
Anyways, Maggie had her last drop, was hung and pronounced dead. Then, during her body’s journey to her grave, she ‘came back’ and was heard banging and knocking from inside her coffin.
She was quickly taken back to the gallows, about to be hung again, but then the judge intervened, saying that it was double-jeopardy and she was allowed to live. Well, that’s the version I was told, here is a link to the story according to the Grassmarket website.
I could go on-and-on with all the stories I learned today, except typing on an iPhone is not very easy, so I’ll end my rambling now.

Above: Beautiful Victoria Street.

Haggis Time

**uh oh! Sorry all-wordpress screwed up! I wrote an entire post about Haggis and it didn’t upload! :(**
I’ll write one again for tomorrow!!

London in Photos

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Fact: London is HUGE Fact: English does not make it any easier Fact: London is really really expensive. Fact: I still love it. I’m too exhausted after walking the streets for 7+ hours to explain in detail what my day … Continue reading

Paris, France Revisited

Hey all!
Only 13 days left of my trip! Wow, time flies!
So, I owe Paris an apology. Although I saw many amazing sights during my last visit, I told people it was the worst city I had ever been to.
I’m sorry Paris, you deserve more than that.
First: Paris is not ideal to visit, for your first time, as a solo traveler. Find a friend to go with you, or find yourself a partner at the hostel. It made a world of difference wandering the streets of Paris with someone else.
First stop:

Rue La Fayette. Inside Galeries shopping centre they have their swavorski crystal Christmas tree on display! Phenomenal! I don’t have he type of money you need to shop on this road but I still enjoyed the displays. Some of them were robotic and they danced to the sound of music playing through speakers on the street. I really loved Cartiers window displays.








Carolyn and I just spent hours admiring the displays.
Then we headed to the famous Louvre! Well, we sort of stumbled on it after wandering around for hours. We got there just as the lights were being turned on!


Unfortunately I didn’t go inside, but many people have told me I should. Next time!
Then we headed into La Marais area–my friend I met during my travels told me I would enjoy this area, and Carolyn had been told the same, so we took a peak. Oh wow! Specialty shops, tea stores galore, perfumeries, candle shops, specialty chocolate and plenty of restaurants. This is the ‘gay friendly’ area of Paris, and it was exactly what I needed in order to change my mind about Paris.


I don’t have a picture (my phone died) but my friend Matthieu took me to the Sacred Heart Church my first night. I’m sure on a clear day the view is breathtaking, and I can tell you that by night it was one of the most amazing sights! So definitely check it out!
I’m a bit behind on my posts. Stay tuned for London and Scotland!!

La Sagrada Familia – Barcelona

Oh Barcelona, how I wish I had more time (and energy) to explore all of what this city has to offer.
I was sick in Barcelona. Fever, stomach flu, ‘wish I was at home in my own bed’ sick.
My last day in Barcelona I didn’t plan on leaving my bed. But, all I could think was ‘I might never come back here’. So, I forced myself to eat some food (1 euro fruit smoothies from La Boqueria Market are heaven) and couldn’t resist trying one of the delicious vegetarian tempura wraps.

At around 2pm I finally gathered enough energy to metro to La Sagrada Familia.
Now, thankfully I was visiting during low-season, so I only waited in line for about 20 minutes. Entry: 14 euro (ouch) plus another 3 euro for the audio guide. If you’re going inside the Sagrada, spend the extra 3 euro, it’s worth it. I didn’t pay to go up in the tower (another 3 euro) because there are scheduled times and the next available was at 4pm. I wasn’t sure how long I would last so I opted out of the view.
If you like art, Gaudi, Architecture or history this is definitely a must see. If you’re like me and old buildings don’t usually excite you, I would personally save my 17 euro and just look up pictures online.
It is beautiful.
It is awe-inspiring.
It is a ‘must-see’ in Barcelona.
But, I already knew after visiting the Alhambra and the Cathedral in Seville that this sort of thing doesn’t really inspire me. But, I was told by multiple people I had to see it.
Check. It’s off my list.
Seriously–I am done visiting churches and historical buildings. It’s just not my thing. Unless of course inside a church there is a famous pastry: I’ll pay 20 euro just so I can try a new food. Food is where my priorities lye.
Anyways, here are some pictures from La Sagrada Familia.












Have you ever been to Barcelona? What were your favourite sites or activities?

Prague: A must see at night

This is the view I had as we made our way into Prague.
If you know me, you should know that autumn is my favourite season.
1. I think it’s the most beautiful with all of the colors of the changing leaves and how crisp everything looks in cooler weather.
2. I love wearing sweaters, scarves and hats!
3. I don’t necessarily like the cold, but there is something to be said about having that chill in the air and how clean everything feels (no more constant sweating in Ontario humidity).
4. Autumn means Christmas is just around the corner: family and food (apple pie, pumpkin pie, tofurkey, Mumzie’s amazing cheesecake, cookies, muffins, hot chocolate, gravy, stuffing and so much more).

Anyways, the site of the colourful trees gave me goosebumps!

Side note: Although Barcelona was a great city to visit, I don’t think I would go back. I found it over-priced and too crowded, even in low-season and despite being told my numerous sources a taxi would cost mea 30 euro mine cost me 40! I was so shocked! There is a bus but I had to be at the airport for 5am and didn’t feel safe waiting for public transit alone at 330am.
But Prague has excellent transit and there is a bus every 10 minutes (maybe less) that connects you with the metro! Cost? 32Kc ($1.70 CAD). Woo hoo!!
The outskirts of Prague leading to the inner-city were green. Lot’s of space and very clean looking. I knew right then I was going to love it.

Now, I had been sick the past few days, so my plan was to just stay at the hostel and relax but after a free beer from the hostel, and a 20 minute nap, I felt like exploring!

First I had to buy a hat and mitts (oh how I’ve missed you), and then I just decided to try and see as many sites by night as possible.


The first thing I noticed was all of the large sit-down cafes! They are everywhere! That is one of the things I miss about home, so I was so ecstatic! I guess I’ll have to go to a few and try their pastries (for the purpose of this blog, of course).

FYI: I will post pictures now of what I saw, but a few won’t have an explanation as I wasn’t sure what I was looking at–but that’s half the fun! I’ll go and see them during the day and get back to you!






The above picture is of the Old Town Square. November isn’t the ‘best’ time to visit Prague because it’s obviously a bit chilly for some people, but it worked out really well for me because that meant less crowds in my pictures! Restaurants still have outdoor seating with heaters, and despite being able to see your breath, a lot of people were taking advantage.
Now, my favourite site of the entire night: the Astronomical Clock.

If you’ve read The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern this clock may remind you of the book. That’s part of the reason I loved it so much. Also, I got some really great photos!
I went around the corner and the most amazing smells hit me: firewood, sausages mixed with the smell of crepes and hot wine. I stood there just smelling the air.

Next I ventured to the Charles Bridge (Karlův most). I want to see it early in he morning to miss the crowds (and a photo with the morning fog would be awesome, eh?), but thought the evening could be nice as well. Unfortunately the iPhone just doesn’t do night-pictures very well, but I’ll share a few anyways.






I’ve been in Prague for 8 hours and I’ve already seen so much! Can’t wait to share more pictures with you!
Live Orchestra, city views, parks and of course hot wine and food await!
PS — only 3 weeks left! Excited and sad at the same time: saxcited?