Take chances today to create opportunities for tomorrow

“Doing it today so I won’t regret it tomorrow” – this is what the tagline of my blog has been since I started it over 2 years ago.  The thought behind this statement was “I better travel now because one day I’ll settle down and my chance will have passed”.

However, a lot has changed in my life during the past 2 years, and now that I reflect back on it, I think it is time to revise this statement.

Take chances today to create opportunities for tomorrow. 

Remember that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking chances. Whether that be traveling to broaden your horizons; moving to start a new life; or working for free so you can get paid tomorrow.


Post-travel Blues

If you’ve been reading my other blog, Tay at Home you would know that I have been suffering from the post-travel blues.

While training from Ottawa to Toronto this afternoon, I decided to spend my time reading some of my favourite travel blogs. I just happened to stumble upon a few good stories/articles about my little predicament.

So, in case you are also suffering from the same feeling, take a read!

This Lonely Planet article was especially awesome.

Also, this post had me nodding in agreement.

For all the non-travelers out there: Yes, we know our life is awesome. Yes, we know that we’re lucky. But, for those of us who come home after an extended trip, we know the difficulties associated with that. It’s all the same…but different.

Reminiscing Europe Day One

Hey everyone! So, I have been SLACKING hardcore with my other blog, Tay at Home.

I don’t really have a reason except for that I’ve been suffering from some serious post-travel blues and I am faced with “life” decisions: what next?

Don’t worry, after many mental breakdowns I am breathing again (remember, just breathe).

Anyways, I just wanted to say hello to everyone, especially to all the individuals who have stumbled upon my blog after my travels! Unfortunately I don’t have any awesome photos or new travel stories to share, but I stumbled upon my very first message I sent to my friends/family back home during my first day in Europe.

My brother saying goodbye before I got on my flight to Dublin, Ireland

My brother saying goodbye before I got on my flight to Dublin, Ireland

Here it is:

“So I took a bus from the airport to the city centre. The man driving the bus had such a strong accent that when I got off I wasn’t entirely sure if it was the right place. And, in true Taylor fashion I tripped getting off the bus (but seriously why would there by a step from the seats to the walkway!?) anywho there was free wifi on the bus so luckily I looked on the map before getting off to get a general sense of where I was. The city is old–very old, like started being built in 898 old! But, because of war a lot of the buildings aren’t original and not ‘old Europe’ looking like you would expect. People evetwhere! I’m staying in the temple bar area–the cultural centre of Ireland, and it’s a block away from trinity college university (beautiful btw, I’ll load pics when I can). Anyways, I wandered into. The templeBar area and got lost — but then wandered into a pub and asked and I was actually only 2 blocks away! By this point I was exhausted and wanted to sleep but my room wasn’t ready until 230 — it was 10:20…shit! So, the guy pointed me to a cafe where I went to buy coffee–then to a ‘free’ walking tour (still expected to tip). Glad I went–10 or so people, 2 friends Chris and Cree from Colorado –the tour was awesome, but more on that later bc my finger is getting tired from typing! Had my first guiness, which tastes 100% better here than at home. I would load pics but for some reason it won’t work. After the tour the guys and I made plans to meet for dinner then go on a pub crawl. No worries tho, Cree doesn’t drink! Never has! We’re going to see the pub/meet ppl/ listen to music–none of us want to feel hungover so yay no need to worry! tomorrow I’m going to wander–and research where my next stop might be!
Anyways, that’s all for now! I’m alive and well! Having fun these first 24 hours!”

It’s really interesting to read that now after now being home for over a month.


What I found while Traveling

When I began this blog back in March of 2012, I described what my intentions were for my blog and for my travels:

I cried. I rejoiced. I instagramed.

Did I find my way back home?

I began my solo-trip searching for an unknown question. I had no real reason for packing a bag for three months and leaving the life I had behind except that I just had an urge for change.

So what have I learned?

I learned that the traveling community really is as friendly as people say.

I learned not to go to Paris on a Friday night with no hostel booked.

I learned how to live out of a backpack.

I learned how to understand signs not-in-english.

I learned that the best way to taste the foods of a country is to buy food items in the grocery store rather than eating out.

I learned…more than I could ever put into words.

I also met a lot of truly amazing people.

Chris and Cree were my very first travel companions and we became insanely close during our time together. Although it was just a week, I can honestly say I feel like I’ve known them for years. Thanks for taking me under you wing guys! Thanks for getting me drunk and naked and into the Irish Sea.

I met Pablo my very first day in Dublin. He was so friendly, and over the course of a few days we became companions. Two weeks later we were exploring the streets of his hometown, Madrid! We ate delicious food, explored parks and took a day-trip to one of my all-time favorite destinations: Toledo, Spain. I cannot wait for you to come to Canada Pablo!

Israel, Elen, Luciana, Nilson and Allesandra, my Paris companions. A group of very welcoming Brazilian students that fed me cheese and wine under the Eiffel tower and took me out for an amazing night in Paris.

Vicky, Heather and Hannah: You three were sitting on the terrace drinking some wine the Aussie boys had left you. I introduced myself and quickly we became friends. Heather, I will never forget that special bonding moment when you walked into the wall. I don’t know if I have ever laughed so hard at someone I barely knew. Vicky, you crazy traveling sole; keep me posted on your next travel weekend, preferably not over the holidays though. You are such an inspiration to me (date in another country=my idol).

Claudia, Ana, Rita and Tania! Four of the most amazing women! They immediately made me feel welcome and we spent the evening exploring Madrid and dancing until 3 am (early for them, late for me!). I saw them again when I visited Lisbon! A special thanks to Rita, Ana and Claudia for showing me their favourite sites in Lisbon, which I now refer to as my favourite spots as well. You are all so wonderful, and I cannot wait to come back for a visit!

Emma, Inez and Hope! One word: Hooked! Dread-lock (singular), french boys, Yeti, and “from the womb” all come to mind when I think of you. Also, I will never forget exploring the markets and Hope peeling and eating an Avocado. Cannot wait to see you girlies again! Our time together was too short.

Adam. Wow, another friendship that was forged in a very short period of time. Metrosol Parasol, Seville Cathedral, crazy-baby-church (Sherry! haha), and the orange couch will forever be memories I share with you. Not to mention our regular facebook conversations! Thanks for talking to the sad looking girl on the couch! Also, thanks for your encouraging words about my blog. Heck, thanks for just being you! I’ll see you soon I have no doubt 🙂

Sherry. Dude: Ink Sister for life. Crazy skydiver. Infectious laugh. Shez. T-Bag. Mirador look-outs. Mexican Tequila. Almost being stoned to death. G-Spot. Lisbon love. Trekking to the supermarket and back with huge amounts of water. Pancake breakfast. Spoonfuls of Nutella. Chapito restaurant. Seriously, this list could go on-and-on. Definitely friends for life! Love you and miss you very much!

G-Spot Crew:

Nick for being so very friendly!

Harry for sharing a day of picture taking and introducing me to my favourite place in Lisbon: The Park of Nations. Also, for the awesome conversations and dream-sharing.

Natalie for your smile, your dance (love that dance!), your kindness and most of all for the amazing memories we share from our road-trip to Lagos.

Julez for being your crazy self! That innocent smile had me fooled…for a while!

Alan: cuddles on the disgusting G-Spot couch, road-trip adventures, new friends in Barcelona and your crazy aussie accent which I sometimes just could not understand!

Jochen! It started with a trip to Sintra and ended with a halloween party! Thank-you for being an amazing friend, creating beautiful memories and just being an overall awesome individual!

T-bag: if you read this: I’M SO EXCITED! haha, seriously though Dude, you’re awesome! Don’t ever change, and I’ll be seeing you!

Cameron and Rosie! Thanks for be-friending the sad loner at The Madhouse haha! Seriously though it was awesome meeting you two! I could definitely see myself being friends with both of you at home…so what are you waiting for!? Move on over to Canada! Haha keep being awesome!

Justin from Texas: Although a brief meeting it was a good couple hours of pleasant conversation. Cannot wait to read about your adventures!

To all of the other countless people I met along the way, if there’s not a blurb please don’t be upset! Every person I met along the way influenced me in different ways, and my trip wouldn’t have been as amazing as it was without you.

So with all of that being said, the question is: Did I find my way back home?

At the moment I have no intention of leaving. These past three months have been so much more than I would have imagined, but I am tired and ready to relax. Before embarking on this journey I moved back to Ontario, so for me there is still a big adventure ahead! A new job, a new place and a new life await! But of course, the curse of travel is that I know the urge will come again when I’ll want to get on a plane and go exploring. Until then, I’m happy to be home.

The question is: is the blog Tay in Europe at an end?

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